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'Everybody Hurts', 'Peacekeeper_Aeryn', 'Poison' and 'Bring Me To Live' are also as wmv and real video files available at FarscapeFantasy.
'Everybody Hurts' by R.E.M.

'Everybody Hurts' was the first collaborative effort of the Scape Sisters, and we're extremely satisfied with the result. The song is just perfect for the show - everybody hurts, indeed! - and AnduraNova edited the video with a great sense of flow and timing. This could be considered a hurt/comfort vid, as it focuses entirely on the emotional turmoil the Moya crew have been through, and the support they've given each other. (Text by Hmpf)
Spoilers up to: 4x18 Prayer
'Peacekeeper' by Fleetwood Mac - first version

When we had almost finished this vid we found out that Lt. Garrix had already done a vid to the song! She didn't mind us vidding it, too, though, so here's our take on it. We made it an Aeryn vid because the lyrics just screamed 'Aeryn' at us. However, during our brainstorming session for this vid, the idea for an Evil Clone of it was spawned, as well... be afraid! Be very afraid! Weird things are born when the Sisters are cooking in AnduraNova's kitchen! (Text By Hmpf)
Spoilers up to: 4x09 A Prefect Murder
'Poison' by Alice Cooper

A 'shippy' vid, chronicling the relationship that defines Farscape. (No, not *that* one. The *other* one.)
This video made AnduraNova's husband realize one essential truth about the
Scape Sisters: "You're perverts!" -- Guilty as charged!
Spoilers up to: 4x20 We're So Screwed 2 - Hot To Katratzi

Farscape Music Videos by AnduraNova
'Who Wants To Live Forever' by Queen

With apologies to Birgit who had already vidded this song.

Spoilers up to: 4x22 Bad Timing
'Bring Me To Life' by Evanescence

Aeryn has always been my favorite Farscape character and this song seemed to be perfect for her. So this is another Aeryn vid, about her journey over the years and her relationship with John.

Spoilers up to: 4x22 Bad Timing
'You Were Mine' by The Dixie Chicks

This video is dedicated to Sky. She suggested the song and many of the used scenes.

We all know that John only loves one girl, but it has been a long journey...
'Taking Over Me' by Evanescence

There has been a lot of talking among the fans during season 4, about John being obsessed with Aeryn. So this became a (Moya)John POV video.
'In The Shadows' by The Rasmus

Many thanks to RueScap for inspiring me to do a video to this song.
InTheShadows.avi (DivX 5.1 required)